Why is this series called Unbendable?

I met the enigmatic Simone aka ‘Bendilicious’ online banging out a few effortless contortions and I had an idea for a series of images. Simone is trained in Circus Arts and lives in Birmingham so we planned to start early in the morning, but London being London [and me being me] delays scuppered that plan. It was damn cold too, the sun attempted to bravely fend off the grey skies but it was hopeless and a lot of the poses we had in the storyboard ended up being canned. Sadly that was almost all the contortionist poses hence ‘Unbendable’… we have agreed to shoot the Bendable series soon but in the meantime, enjoy.



I am far from a filmmaker – although I am having fun learning the ropes – and this was never meant to be part of the package but it didn’t look all that bad so here it is in all its grungy, amateurish glory… For your benefit and mine I edited out my inane commentary, sounded very Channel 4 at the time but ended up sounding like a porn film voice-over – I am told 😉