I’m Dirty

I’ve developed an interest in “grunge photography” [been looking for a model to share this with so if you’re in London and are ready to bare your soul for a day send me a link to you] When I first started shooting my style was very grungy I suppose, I think that sort of edge was how I saw my slice of the planet back then and let’s face it that old Minolta was not exactly top of the range.
I got a portfolio together and sent it to Storm Model Agency as I wanted to shoot one of their girls, they said no. I cleaned my stuff up and they said no, I begged and pleaded and threw myself at their feet and they said oh alright then.
So my first work was evidently not “clean” ergo too grungy lol. I trawled some of my earlier shoots too see if the grunge had survived anywhere, so here’s one I shot earlier. Grunge? Not Grunge? You tell me.